Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Picking up after the events of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) film, the Redneck locals of Newt, Texas storm the Sawyer farmhouse, burning everything in sight and taking no prisoners, after discovering what goes in their place of residence. Everyone is presumed dead. However, an infant child is rescued by one of the locals. Fast forward the story to present time and the infant child, Heather, is an adult who discovers that she has a secret past and a family that she had no idea about. Traveling to her birth place after finding out her Grandmother has passed away and left her the Sawyer homestead Heather learns that blood is thicker than water and that was never lost to begin with.

Upon my first viewing of this film I was baffled by it. The film just was not very entertaining and I was tired of rolling my eyes by the time the credits rolled. The acting was poor. The scripting and story line were not clear. However, the one thing that you crave from a Texas Chainsaw movie, that above all must be met, is that at least memorable and graphic death sequences have to be in the movie. In every Texas Chainsaw film there are are  always a group of unassuming friends in their early 20s who get themselves into trouble and are usually butchered beyond recognition by someone from the Sawyer family, typically Leatherface, our favourite chainsaw killing monster. If we cannot invest in likeable, well depicted characters, we at least want to see them die in gruesome unforgettable ways. Unfortunately, The death scenes in the 2013 film, felt more like something you would have found in a made for TV movie on NBC, as the gore was weak, uninspired and predictable.

In 1994 when Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation came out it received a lot of flack for deviating from the more serious tone of the rest of the series. It is as perplexing and bizarre as the original, delivers on suspense and above all is entertaining. The film without a doubt it meant to be comedic and confused audiences. Watching the film as though it is apart of the series is a fallacy because the tone of the film is completely different from the others; it is meant to be tongue and cheek. After viewing the 2013 instalment, I was perplexed and wondered if I had misunderstood the filmmakers intentions much like the 1994 film was misconceived. After a second viewing of the film, I still cannot decide if the creators of the most recent film were intending for the film to be serious or not. Either way, the film is so over the top bad, filled with terrible one liners that all you can do is laugh.

By the time Leatherface is running around a Carnival with a chainsaw, I was in full out tears from laughing so hard. The mystery of the filmmakers intentions remains unknown. However, I think if you are to enjoy this film on any level, watch it for its comedic value. The obvious plot holes, ridiculous lines, and poor story line choices, such as having one goofy police officer proceed through the blood soaked Sawyer house alone, make it so bad it becomes funny. It is not all that memorable or entertaining, however on the bright side, this likely will not be the last we see of Leatherface, to leave us with a long lasting sour taste.



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