The Dead are Back!

After a break that felt like an eternity, AMC’s the Walking Dead is back! Just a quick note regarding the the episode, as to not provide any spoilers. I hate spoilers. They are a jerk move by people who are self absorbed and feel their time and opinions are more valuable than others. Someone ruined the 6th Sense for me and I never recovered. That being said, I wish someone had ruined The Village for me, and I would have not wasted 2-hours of my life. 

So – the zombies and the crew are back. The episode was a dramatic look at how Carl would handle his own, faced in a zombie apocalypse. Spoilers or not you can easily guess how he would fare. He’s a young teen full of piss and vinegar. The results were not to shocking. You know those episodes on The Simpsons, that were heavy on Lisa or Meg on Family Guy…it was the Walking Dead version. 

The rest of the episode was spliced with background information about Michonne, which was a real treat. Danai Gurira is an amazing character actor. We got to peel away the hard exterior of Michonne for the first time and got to know who she is and what turned her into the hard edged badass she is. We all knew she was a gooey marshmallow inside, but we wanted to know the how and why. I had wished they spent more time on Michonne during the episode instead of watching Carl misstep and act like the teenager that he is. 

Final thoughts: pudding is good!


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